Friday, January 21, 2011

Love is most important in the memory..

I love pictures.. so to keep this short and sweet.
 Here is some of the most important people to me:

My niece, Lei Alba. Born last year on July 3rd. 
The day before I flew home to be there just to see her. 
We were totally in sync even 2,000 miles away.  
She's Nana (2nd sister) and Jojo's first born. 
She is Colompino. (Colombian and Filipino)
This was part of our last photo shoot on Jan. 2,  2011. 
Every day I spent with her I treated as a photo shoot. You have to when it's only 1 week out of the year that I am there with her.

Didn't see her well enough? No worries..

Check out the beautiful blue eyes. Just like Nana when she was a baby.
Nana, the lucky wench got the green eyes out of the Montoya/Galvis genes. 


That's her Abuelo Rodrigo, my dad. We happen to share a birthday, me and him. One time he was in the next room and I don't remember why it came up but I heard him say out loud to my mother "Cuando fue que nacio Ana Paula?" Translation: When was it that she was born?

Same day as you, Dad! I knew he was being serious too. 
He just laughed. Burn.

Meet my gordo divino, Julian David! Born April 17th, 2009.
He is my middle nephew, second son of Sarah (the 3rd sister) and Robinson. 
So delicious (and pale like her) that I just want to eat him. 

Alexander Daniel, firstborn of S & R. I honestly can't remember his exact birthday but I do remember I had to run to the hospital after my one of my first days of HS. 
We were all so excited for the first of the next generation. Can't believe now there are 3.

 I couldn't believe how much he'd grown just from July to December. 
Talking so much, just wanted to me to play with him. 
Breaks my heart to miss so much of his life but can't focus on that now can I..
this is a happy post.

This was Alexander.. long before Julian came around. I love this picture of my parents.
Think it was their anniversary. August.
This is my mama, Alba Lucia. Mother of 4 girls. Love her to death.
Wish I told her that more to her face.

Alexander, even a little further back.

Julian. At the same park and in the same swing. 

I love/hurt watching these little babies grow so fast and now so far. 

Can't focus on what I'm missing though.
Just how much I love them. 
That's all for today. 

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