Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love food.

Two deep down wishes are just jumping out of me this morning.
I want to share those here.

(Good afternoon Tastespotting! You wonderful place.)

Those wishes are:
1. to be able to stay home and cook all these delicious meals in my favorites.
*(but how will I afford the delicious ingredients?.)

2. to learn how to make my own clothing. MY OWN.
e.g. look at this fabric, must have it, snip, sew, drape and 
tada! here's the dress that's been in my head now in person!
Project Runway is directly responsible for this wish.
*( but when I can take the time off to first learn, then to DO.)

I don't usually like to share so much dreaming because I'm a bit more of a pessimistic realist about some things. 
Which is why maybe I have to find the time to enjoy my own pieces of these dreams..

What would I do without the Internet to provide these inspirations? 
I don't know but thankfully I don't have to find out.

On to the most important question of my day:
What are we having for dinner?
I'm such a lucky duck to be able to ask that.
I can't forget it's a blessing to have a full kitchen and someone to share it with.

Just to end on a great note.
Scampi Stuffed and Roasted Shrimp at Can You Stay for Dinner?

or perhaps,

Pappardelle alla Bolognese at Making Life Delicious

I could eat pappardelle every day. 
Maybe you think I'm kidding.

I'm really not.

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