Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Regret? ..Nah

This post is for those two little bundles of chaos that are now depending on me.
These are my first puppies. We had a dog in my family but I didn't consider him "my dog".
If I had known how annoying it would be at first,
I would have seriously reconsidered.

Meet our very own Wailers, Tosh and Marley

They believe they fit in one lap.
They love to play really rough.

Sometimes they lick the wall like it's so delicious.
Or bite your toes the minute you hit the floor.
Or pee as your staring at them and have already put on their collar.

But they are just babies. Official birthday for both is November 3, 2010. 
Home here for just about 3 weeks tomorrow. 
They will calm down if you're there.

They are my favorite nap buddies. 
Even though I can only imagine how bad they may get in the next stage,
I guess we're all in it for the long haul anyway.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Love is most important in the memory..

I love pictures.. so to keep this short and sweet.
 Here is some of the most important people to me:

My niece, Lei Alba. Born last year on July 3rd. 
The day before I flew home to be there just to see her. 
We were totally in sync even 2,000 miles away.  
She's Nana (2nd sister) and Jojo's first born. 
She is Colompino. (Colombian and Filipino)
This was part of our last photo shoot on Jan. 2,  2011. 
Every day I spent with her I treated as a photo shoot. You have to when it's only 1 week out of the year that I am there with her.

Didn't see her well enough? No worries..

Check out the beautiful blue eyes. Just like Nana when she was a baby.
Nana, the lucky wench got the green eyes out of the Montoya/Galvis genes. 


That's her Abuelo Rodrigo, my dad. We happen to share a birthday, me and him. One time he was in the next room and I don't remember why it came up but I heard him say out loud to my mother "Cuando fue que nacio Ana Paula?" Translation: When was it that she was born?

Same day as you, Dad! I knew he was being serious too. 
He just laughed. Burn.

Meet my gordo divino, Julian David! Born April 17th, 2009.
He is my middle nephew, second son of Sarah (the 3rd sister) and Robinson. 
So delicious (and pale like her) that I just want to eat him. 

Alexander Daniel, firstborn of S & R. I honestly can't remember his exact birthday but I do remember I had to run to the hospital after my one of my first days of HS. 
We were all so excited for the first of the next generation. Can't believe now there are 3.

 I couldn't believe how much he'd grown just from July to December. 
Talking so much, just wanted to me to play with him. 
Breaks my heart to miss so much of his life but can't focus on that now can I..
this is a happy post.

This was Alexander.. long before Julian came around. I love this picture of my parents.
Think it was their anniversary. August.
This is my mama, Alba Lucia. Mother of 4 girls. Love her to death.
Wish I told her that more to her face.

Alexander, even a little further back.

Julian. At the same park and in the same swing. 

I love/hurt watching these little babies grow so fast and now so far. 

Can't focus on what I'm missing though.
Just how much I love them. 
That's all for today. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love books!

It's taken awhile for me to find what I want in this blog. I want to write about what I love.
I love reading. I can curl up with a book for hours at a time. 
I used to spend so much time reading when I was in school. I devoured books.
Libraries are still a place I can stay for hours.
 I can't even estimate how many books I have read but I know it's been a lot. A lot.

(SHOUT OUT: Thanks Mom for keeping cable out of our house until I was 17!)

Right now I can't keep 5 books going at one time like I used to. 
Maybe that's exaggerating.. more often 3.. or 4. 
So the one book I am focusing my little time on now was provided by my eldest sister, Nino.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett.
 I wish I could create an extra hour every day so I could spend it with this book! 
(Remember the puppies have arrived! & I've come to fully realize: PUPPIES ARE BABIES!) 

But getting back to the book. It is so well written and the characters are amazing.
Here is the synopsis.
Get the book from a library. All females should read this.

I give it a 5 and I'm only halfway there at 200 pages. I'm glad it's lasting so long actually.

I love food.

Two deep down wishes are just jumping out of me this morning.
I want to share those here.

(Good afternoon Tastespotting! You wonderful place.)

Those wishes are:
1. to be able to stay home and cook all these delicious meals in my favorites.
*(but how will I afford the delicious ingredients?.)

2. to learn how to make my own clothing. MY OWN.
e.g. look at this fabric, must have it, snip, sew, drape and 
tada! here's the dress that's been in my head now in person!
Project Runway is directly responsible for this wish.
*( but when I can take the time off to first learn, then to DO.)

I don't usually like to share so much dreaming because I'm a bit more of a pessimistic realist about some things. 
Which is why maybe I have to find the time to enjoy my own pieces of these dreams..

What would I do without the Internet to provide these inspirations? 
I don't know but thankfully I don't have to find out.

On to the most important question of my day:
What are we having for dinner?
I'm such a lucky duck to be able to ask that.
I can't forget it's a blessing to have a full kitchen and someone to share it with.

Just to end on a great note.
Scampi Stuffed and Roasted Shrimp at Can You Stay for Dinner?

or perhaps,

Pappardelle alla Bolognese at Making Life Delicious

I could eat pappardelle every day. 
Maybe you think I'm kidding.

I'm really not.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today.. we're bringing our puppies home. I am very, very excited. I've been home from NY since Sunday and badly need these bundles of fur to give me something else to focus on. I will post pictures from home soon. It really was the best time.

I didn't want to go out. Although I did, the night before NYE..(why? I didn't think it through).. I just wanted to stay home, warm and inside, cuddling with my little niece. Why is my family so far? Who brought me here?

Oh right. I did. For some guy ;)

He better be treating me right. I better be happy. I'm trying to think back to when I first moved here.
It feels like a long time ago. It's only been 10 and a half months. Unreal.

I'm bad on New Year Resolutions. One trip I must make is to the San Diego Zoo. There is no way I'm staying in Las Vegas and not seeing the beach on the other end of NY.
I will make this trip happen.