Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Intentions.. 2011

I came across a really great blog by some lovely person named Evelyn yesterday, and it gave me a boost to deal with some of the stuff I've just been avoiding and really set intentions forward for (deep breath) the future.

It's just that I was allowing myself to have this bleak outlook of the future. Ironic, sunshine daily right? I was just sinking and it's definitely a major impact of being far from my only home for 20 years, my family, my friends. I felt disconnected from the Source. 

So, I woke up yesterday and went outside for a walk and looked and the sky and started talking, first to the sky and then to myself. I need to get used to being my own best friend. Sounds crazy but I am so happy living for the people in my life that I don't realize I'm not planning anything for myself. I'm too hesitant to think it will work out after opportunities that I have missed, left in the past.

Of course, there it is. IN THE PAST. I just need to let it go. 

Thankfully, I realize I have the support of a great guy that wants me to just find my way for me. I am going to really make the conscious effort to show him he's great.

 I am happy to say that I actually picked myself 3 Power Words for 2011. Because my birthday is coming up in this lovely April that's approaching, I'm considering them applying to the year according to my life. This is me getting a head start.

with myself, with my partner 
with honesty and patience and realizing that 
if there is something wrong, we need to be willing to root around until its fixed 
I must search for this
what inspires me? for myself, because I want it..
this year will be about seeking this out

to myself, to everyone around me
accepting and receiving it from the Univers, each day in a million possible ways
 So, today is a great day. I am looking forward to the future. One day at a time ...


Friday, March 25, 2011

oh, how i love fridays..

except when I find out I need to stay an extra hour at work..
boo, blah, boo..

still, tomorrow my glorious 48 hrs of nothing begins again..

I am blessed. I feel love surrounding me and the opportunities of today are in front of my feet.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 3

Got another great workout in this morning. My 3rd in 5 days. 
I can't quite give up my lazy Sundays yet. So I am completely changing my original plan.
Obviously I already made it clear I've been out of shape recently.
 Maybe next week.
I think I'm severely dehydrated though and really need to put the effort in to drink more water.
I'm like a camel, I can go half a day without a sip of anything and that's I know it's bad.
Once the summer kicks in I get better but it's been relatively chill here in LV.
Hope the weather perks up soon so we can get some nice spring days in before the insatiable heat commences.

Just stopped one of my puppies from humping his sister.
Naughty little things. 

Anyway, It's Tuesday! Not one of my favorites. 
Planning on making it a good one though. 

Affirmation: Every choice that I make, every choice that I have ever made is the absolute perfect choice. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Reminder #1!

Just finished my first day back in the gym. Just 30 minutes. Wasn't killing myself.
And my face is BEET RED right now but I feel great!!

I've been really un-fit the last few weeks and I'm pretty ashamed. I'm pretty strong for my size I think but that's because I had been consistently working out for the last yr and a half, so what has changed.

Well, I guess to be honest regardless of who may ever come across this blog that I know: I went on a birth control that made me CRAZY.  Super hormonal. SUPER.

And I kinda fell into a blue zone for awhile. But woo, 2 weeks ago I am on a much better one and I feel finally back in control.

So anyway, back to the beginning. I'm trying a simple plan to slowly get my heart back into shape that I saw over at ZenHabits. 30 minutes. 30 days. Blog about it for accountability and reminders that the endorphins are real!