Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 3

Got another great workout in this morning. My 3rd in 5 days. 
I can't quite give up my lazy Sundays yet. So I am completely changing my original plan.
Obviously I already made it clear I've been out of shape recently.
 Maybe next week.
I think I'm severely dehydrated though and really need to put the effort in to drink more water.
I'm like a camel, I can go half a day without a sip of anything and that's I know it's bad.
Once the summer kicks in I get better but it's been relatively chill here in LV.
Hope the weather perks up soon so we can get some nice spring days in before the insatiable heat commences.

Just stopped one of my puppies from humping his sister.
Naughty little things. 

Anyway, It's Tuesday! Not one of my favorites. 
Planning on making it a good one though. 

Affirmation: Every choice that I make, every choice that I have ever made is the absolute perfect choice. 

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