Friday, March 18, 2011

Reminder #1!

Just finished my first day back in the gym. Just 30 minutes. Wasn't killing myself.
And my face is BEET RED right now but I feel great!!

I've been really un-fit the last few weeks and I'm pretty ashamed. I'm pretty strong for my size I think but that's because I had been consistently working out for the last yr and a half, so what has changed.

Well, I guess to be honest regardless of who may ever come across this blog that I know: I went on a birth control that made me CRAZY.  Super hormonal. SUPER.

And I kinda fell into a blue zone for awhile. But woo, 2 weeks ago I am on a much better one and I feel finally back in control.

So anyway, back to the beginning. I'm trying a simple plan to slowly get my heart back into shape that I saw over at ZenHabits. 30 minutes. 30 days. Blog about it for accountability and reminders that the endorphins are real!

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