Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good week..

Just keeping the momentum going.. It's been good news here and good news there.
Wand Fight Team recently won "Gym of the Year" at the World MMA Awards hosted by Fighter's Only Magazine here in Las Vegas. Check out the great new website that goes with it at
Went out to celebrate with everyone who works here. It's a huge accomplishment and I'm very happy to be a part of it.

I have to say working here is pretty great when you never know who may be in town to visit. Yesterday it was Verdum. Last week it was Shogun and Demian. Not to mention the boss himself is Wanderlei. Coolest guy ever. Really. Nicest man and nicest family. People stop by every day to meet him and when they do they're so happy. It's nice to see.

Also, Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds concert this Friday at Planet Hollywood with my babe.
Then, GSP vs. Koscheck on Saturday. GSP GSP GSP. Guess who I'll be screaming for?
Then going home for a week! To finally see my beautiful niece who was just 2 weeks old when I last visited and nephews and my wonderful sisters, mother and friends.
Best December in a while. Remember to smile!

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